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Ellipse hair removal uses short, safe bursts of light emitted from a flash-lamp to treat specific skin conditions. The Ellipse IPL system uses a method called Selective Photothermolysis for the treatment of a wide range of skin conditions including the removal of unwanted hair, the treatment of sun-damaged skin, acne and vascular skin disorders.


The difference between Laser and Intense Pulsed Light?
Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatments and treatments with Intense Pulsed Light both work in the same way, choosing wavelengths that are absorbed by the target. But while a Laser uses one given wavelength which is one colour, one phase, and one direction. This makes it more difficult to control and more difficult to guarantee optimal results. Intense Pulsed Light uses a broad spectrum of wavelengths which is made up of different colours, different phases, and different directions. This focuses on the problem at hand and guarantees results for more hair types/colours. Intense Pulsed Light is like using a group of different lasers in one single treatment.

How can I be sure Ellipse IPL hair removal is safe and effective?

Ellipse hair removal has been clinically proven to be safe and effective through years of clinical trials and studies. The settings used for your treatment will be based on the settings recommended by the clinicians who carried out the clinical trials. Ellipse carefully controls the amount of energy and pulses and delivers the desired energy in the optimal waveband for the treatment. These factors explain why millions of treatments have been so successful and to such a high standard.

What are the treatment possibilities?

The Ellipse IPL system treats many of the most common and most annoying skin problems:

  • Hair Removal (Removal of excess hair on any part of the body).
  • Thread Veins (Removal of broken, blood-filled capillaries).
  • Pigmented lesions- brown pigment marks, such as freckles, superficial age spots, and sun- damaged skin.
  • Acne
IPL Laser Hair Removal

Shaving, tweezing and hair removal creams have been replaced by hair removal in a flash! The IPL/ Laser hair removal treatment has become a necessity rather than a luxury due to its safety and effectiveness resulting in healthy, smooth skin and outstanding hair reduction. With one session every 4-6 weeks, no more ingrown hairs, reduced shaving and nourished skin – other painful means of hair removal can totally be avoided.

How does IPL (Intense Pulse Light) Ellipse hair removal work?

Light is guided from the flash-lamp to the treatment area in the correct wavelength. The pigment (melanin) in your hair absorbs the light and converts it to heat. This heat then destroys the follicle and renders it unable to produce new hair. The most efficient treatment is seen with dark hair and lighter skin, but with the Ellipse system, a variety of skin and hair types can be treated successfully.

Treatment regime?

1 treatment every 4-8 weeks. 6 sessions are usually required.

What can the client expect as far as results?

With the Ellipse hair removal treatment the results are as follows:

– The number of hairs will become reduced in the treatment area.
– Hair will become finer in the treatment area.
– Hair will become less pigmented in the treatment area.

Does it hurt?

The treatment sensation varies from area to area and from client to client. Most clients describe the sensation as quite moderate almost like the snapping of a rubber band accompanied by a heat sensation, which only lasts for a short moment.

Do I need to take special precautions before and after treatments?

It is important not to remove hair by plucking, tweezing during the entire four weeks before and during treatments. This ensures that as many hair follicles as possible contain a hair and thus can be destroyed by the light. It is important to avoid tanning before and during the treatment to avoid the tanned skin from absorbing more light, which makes treatment less effective. Generally, no post-treatment care is necessary, but people with very sensitive skin may benefit from using a soothing aloe vera gel together with a sunscreen (min SPF 30).

Why have Treatments at VENUS SPA AND SALON?

1. Specialist Therapist
Our Specialist IPL Laser hair removal therapists are dedicated to providing personalized esthetic treatments, which address a wide range of skin care issues for the face and body. The knowledge we have is the results of years of experience and training.

2. Free no obligation consultations and patch tests are available.

Treatment Costs

Visit the book appointment site for prices.

Alternatively, you can email us with the areas that you’re interested at

IPL Contraindications:
  • No Depilatories creams.
  • No Spray Tans or Tanning moisturizer.
  • No Suntans or use Solariums during treatments.
  • No waxing, plucking or sugaring (wait 4 weeks).
  • Treatment May cause a Herpes breakout if the client usually get it.
  • Do not use Citrus Essential Oils (Orange, Lemon, Mandarin, Lime, and Bergamot).
  • Do not use St. John’s Wort, Accutane and Prescribed Retin-A ( if you have been using these you will need to wait at least 3 months. before your treatment).
  • You can’t have IPL treatment if you are using Doxycycline, Tetracycline and Minomycin usually found in powerful antibiotic.
  • You can’t have an IPL treatment if you’ve gone overseas and taken malaria medications.
  • Do not wear nylon or polyester underwear and bras.
  • Do not use a deodorant in the area to be treated ( make sure the deodorant you have been using doesn’t contain aluminum oxide as this chemical builds up in your skin and being metallic it can block the light significantly.
  • Skin will look pink like a mild sunburn-like.
  • Do not expose the skin to the sun and use sunscreen.
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