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Have you looked down at your legs recently and been surprised to find wrinkles of slack skin above your knees?

Knee Treatment To Tighten Saggy Knee Skin

Several factors can contribute to the development of sagging skin around the knees. The skin over your knees needs to be loose to a certain degree so that your joint can flex and bend. This bending creates tremendous stress on the knee joints, but also on knee skin. Over time, the tissues begin to lose their structural integrity and skin becomes ultra-saggy. Baggy knees may also be the result of: • Collagen loss • Loss of elasticity • Sun exposure • Lack of hydration • Weight loss
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At Venus spa we offer the best treatment for fat reduction and skin tightening: TRUSCULPT ID

How does truSculpt iD work?

The applicators safely heat fat cells below the surface of your skin to reduce fat an average of 24% after the first treatment. You can opt for additional sessions, depending on your body contouring goals. RF energy destroys fat cells and your body naturally eliminates them over the following 12 weeks. Additionally, RF energy tightens your skin by stimulating cells to produce new collagen. As a result, you get a slimmer silhouette and firmer skin tone through this nonsurgical technology.
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