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Skin Purging & Post-Peel Care Tips

Understanding Skin Purging and Post-Peel Care by Letizia Coruolo, Medical Aesthetician at Venus Spa

Professional chemical peels like VI Peels offer the promise of smoother, more radiant, and clarified skin. However, before reaping these benefits, one might encounter side effects like skin purging. Skin purging, often misunderstood and feared, is actually a natural process that should be welcomed as it helps eliminate impurities quickly. Let’s delve deeper into what skin purging entails post-peel.

What is Skin Purging?

Skin purging is the rapid emergence of trapped oils and debris from deep within the skin due to accelerated exfoliation and cellular turnover. Chemical acids like alpha hydroxy acids (glycolic acid) and beta hydroxy acids (salicylic acid) in peels induce rapid exfoliation, bringing newer cells to the surface along with previously trapped oil and debris.

This purging can manifest as clear bumps, a few pimples, intense blackheads, whiteheads, pustules, or flaking. Even potent topical products like tretinoin or retinol derivatives can trigger purging by speeding up cell turnover.

Differentiating Purging from Breakouts

Distinguishing between post-peel purging and regular breakouts is crucial for skin health monitoring. Purging typically starts a few days after a peel, lasts 10-14 days (depending on normal cell turnover), occurs in common breakout areas, clears quicker than breakouts, and is less likely to scar.

Breakouts after a peel, on the other hand, can appear anywhere, take longer to surface and clear, and may result from post-peel products or irritation rather than purging.

Managing Post-Peel Purging

A consistent skincare regimen and multiple peels can regulate purging over time. Patience is key during purging phases, and avoiding picking or introducing unnecessary exfoliants helps skin heal naturally. Following post-peel product instructions diligently and consulting professionals for spot treatments or concerns are also vital.

Embracing the Process

Skin purging, though temporary and sometimes unsettling, leads to improved skin health and long-lasting results. It’s a natural part of the skin’s renewal process post-peel. By understanding and properly managing purging, individuals can enjoy the transformative benefits of professional peels like VI Peels.

Remember, happy, healthy skin is worth the temporary challenges of purging!

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